The Choice Cover
The Choice

“I enjoyed it enormously. The story is so interesting, the theme so important and pertinent, and the fluency and lightness of touch so engaging to read.’
Philip Pullman

The Young Pretender CoverThe Young Pretender

‘An engrossing, enthralling and utterly captivating read, The Young Pretender tells a simply remarkable story with bounce, energy, wit, and lively authenticity.’
Stephen Fry

The Anointed coverThe Anointed

‘This is a wonderfully rich novel. Arditti brings Ancient Israel to life. He makes a strange and distant culture vivid and immediate, in all its beauty and horror.’
The Scotsman

Of mena and Angels CoverOf Men and Angels

‘Throughout, Arditti’s characters lust and yearn, spar and pun their way vividly off the page. Arditti unfailingly animates his extensive research with humanity and wit.’
Daily Mail

Cover of Widows and OrphansWidows and Orphans

‘Michael Arditti’s hugely enjoyable new novel.  It is funny and moving and deeply tender.’
The Scotsman

breath of night coverThe Breath of Night

‘A web of corruption and theology, this compelling novel uncovers the dark underbelly of the Philippines with all the pace of a thriller.’
Daily Express

jubilate coverJubilate

‘Beautifully told…carries you through with humour, warmth and, above all the urgency of great romance.’
The Guardian

the enemy of the good coverThe Enemy of the Good

‘A vivid picture of the religious life as it’s lived among all the conflicts and compromises of modern Britain. Our best chronicler of the rewards and pitfalls of present-day faith.’   
Philip Pullman

A Sea Change CoverA Sea Change

‘Arditti succeeds in creating fiction that is morally serious, moving and intense.’
The Times Literary Supplement

Unity CoverUnity

‘Strikingly original in form, its multiplicity of different voices rendered with a ventriloquist’s eerie skill, Unity is a remarkable, unsettling book.’
The Times

Easter CoverEaster

‘Arditti’s masterpiece and one of the first important English novels of the century.’
Literary Review

Pagan And Her Parents CoverPagan and her Parents (Pagan’s Father in the US)

‘A moving novel about the survival of a modern family in the grip of death and the dead hand of convention.’
New Yorker

Celibate cover

The Celibate

‘An exceptional book: at its core it combines the sexual with the spiritual.’
Sunday Times