The Family Hotel

Piers Alexander, a young print works owner, has booked a room at a small hotel in North Wales for a week in October.  The reasons for his choice become clear when he reveals to Lily Hardman, the proprietor’s wife, that he is the baby she gave away for adoption twenty-five years before.  Piers’ arrival causes havoc to the lives of Lily and her other son, James, an unemployed graduate forced to live with his parents.  Only James’s father, Roy, remains oblivious to the turmoil, insisting that it is business as usual at the family hotel.

The Family Hotel was broadcast on Radio Four in October 1991 with the following cast:

Piers Alexander Robert Glenister

James Hardman Jonathan Firth

Roy Hardman William Simons

Lily Hardman Elizabeth Kelly

Corinne Evans Emma Gregory

Vicar & Lorry Driver Norman Jones

Miss Pettifew Joanna Myers

Man in Restaurant Alan Barker

British Rail Guard Clarence Smith

Gareth, the chef Peter Gunn