The Celibate: Reviews

‘It takes courage to write about faith in this faithless world, particularly from a homosexual viewpoint. But in The Celibate, Michael Arditti’s first novel, the author’s anger, conviction and sharp observation hold the reader’s attention throughout.’
Alistair Bruton, The Times

‘An ambitious first novel, which traces the liberation of a human soul through a gradual revelation of the meaning of passion and the Passion.’
Candia McWilliam, Independent on Sunday

‘This deeply spiritual novel… a carefully crafted, intensely analytical and deeply honest theological quest where the storyline becomes consumed in a broader faith journey.’
Peter Stanford, Catholic Herald

‘A bold and multi-layered first novel and one which negotiates a remarkably taut high-wire between frailty and ardour.’
Graham Anderson, City Limits

‘A fine political novel. Michael Arditti’s eloquently beautiful style burns with passion and commitment. My mind and emotions were engaged for all of its 341 pages. A brave, unique book, this deserves the widest possible readership.’
John Roman Baker, Rouge

‘It is unusual to find an English first novel of such unflinching moral seriousness… a varied and involving read.’
Gregory Woods, Times Literary Supplement

‘I found Arditti’s heartfelt, even desperate, plea for tolerance and acceptance moving and honourable, not to mention timely.’
Karen Lewis, Literary Review

‘Arditti’s ingeniously constructed narrative unfolds as a confessional monologue delivered partly from the psychiatrist’s consulting room, and partly as the patter of a tour guide, at first to the haunts of Jack the Ripper, and later to the village of Eyam in Derbyshire, which was overrun by the plague in the 17th century. A thoughtful, intelligent book… I trust that the publishers are preparing to send a copy to every member of the General Synod of the Church of England.’
Jane Shilling, Sunday Telegraph

‘The novel is written with great flair and stylishly explores a conflict of ideas and identity. Undoubtedly one of the most serious and ingenious novels published in recent years.’
John Fenton, The Pink Paper

‘The Celibate is a psychological kaleidoscope of a book, an intense experience.  (The) style is original and innovative, with every word carefully chosen for maximum effect.  A challenging revelation.’                                                   Christine Williams, Sunday Express

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